Gates says Afghan success in reach

US Defence Secretary Robert Gates toured the nerve centre of NATO command in Afghanistan, telling soldiers that success was in reach, despite the worsening

eight-year war with the Taliban.


Gates visited the NATO-run International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) joint operation centre where around 170 people from 42 nations work and praised improved cooperation between the different allied countries.

“We have all the pieces coming together to be successful here,” Gates told staff in the imposing command room full of banks of telephones and computers where commanders coordinate operations throughout Afghanistan.

Gates is the first top US administration official to visit Afghanistan since President Barack Obama ordered an extra 30,000 troops into battle against the Taliban as part of a sweeping new strategy to start withdrawing forces in 2011.

He spoke after the overall NATO commander in Afghanistan predicted the US troop surge will reverse the momentum of Taliban insurgents “by this time next year” and ensure their ultimate


“By the summer of 2011, it will be clear to the Afghan people that the insurgency will not win, giving them the chance to side with their government,” General Stanley McChrystal told US

lawmakers in Washington.

McChrystal, who stands at the centre of a renewed push in the Afghan war, said he was confident of success because the Taliban were unpopular and Afghans see foreign troops as a “necessary bridge to future security and stability”.

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